Kolkata escorts girls and booking Now rates

The escort field is completely different from the general ones. They choose the career of escorts. This field is full of challenges and hard works. People judge the talent of an escort on the basis of their physical attributes, personality, presence of mind, smartness and many other things. Hence, it is important to know about the latest trend of this industry if anyone wants to be a part of it. Knowing this trend will also help them to understand what the client wants from them as a service provider. As a professional escort, it is important to read the mind of the clients very well. The capacity of knowing the client’s mind comes from experience and knowledge. The more experience the girl can gather from the field, the better Kolkata escorts service she can offer. Knowledge about the latest trend can make them more prepared for this field.

One Session-------Two Hour-------Rs.15,000/-

Two Session-------Two Hour-------Rs.20,000/-

Night-----------Full Night-----------Rs.30,000/-